Saturday, August 17, 2013

Foot Soaking: Remove Dead Skin From Feet

I don't know about you but I live for a good foot soak! After a long day, a foot soak accompanied by a glass of wine is the best way to wind down. It is a great way to keep your feet healthy, prevent odors, relax the bones and muscles in your feet, and remove dead skin. I came across this great foot soak recipe to remove dead skin in my Facebook feed. I tried it last night and it was amazing! My feet are silky smooth today! 


  • 1 cup of Listerine (use the name brand because it has the most active ingredients)
  • 1 cup of vinegar 
  • warm water


In a shallow bucket or foot bath combine Listerine and vinegar. Fill the rest of the bath with the warm water. Soak your feet for at least ten minutes. When you take your feet out use a dry washcloth and wipe the dead skin away.

If you try this let me know how it works for you! 


  1. Today I tried the vinegar/ Listerine foot soak that says it will allow you to "simply wipe away dead skin". Ingredients: 1/4 cup vinegar, 1/4 cup Listerine, 1/2 cup warm water
    Verdict: FALSE. I tried this as the traditional concentration, and double concentration.
    PROS: It loosens, and softens the dead skin, but you still need to use a pummus stone after the soak to remove the dead skin.
    CONS: Doesn't make dead skin wipe away, turns your feet blue.
    I'm about ready to try a brown sugar/ honey face scrub said to exfoliate, soften, and improve redness.

    1. Thank you I was just about to try this I don't want blue feet lol